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McGuire Financial Group

At McGuire Financial our clients experience begins with a Values Based conversation. This experience is a step-by-step road map that focuses on you and what you value the most. It will provide you with a new perspective and give you clarity on what you think of as your assets. More importantly you will discover amazing strategies for making a meaningful transformation in your core values, experience and financial assets. You will gain a greater insight and clarity as to how your current position impacts your future vision.

At McGuire Financial we see each of our clients assets as much more than just material items. By taking the focus well beyond the financial assets to include the experience values (knowledge, unique attributes, education), contribution values (contributions to specific social, personal and civic causes and taxes)and core values (time, family, health, attitudes) all create a solid foundation of understanding from which to develop a holistic financial plan that meets all of our client's needs.






#115, 1925-18 Ave NE


(403) 538-6898

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