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Breathe Easy Eco Solutions

Any exposure to harmful chemicals can be a hazard. Don't hire a company that uses toxic chemicals to clean mould, since those chemicals can cause your health to become even worse! Breathe Easy Eco Solutions is a Winnipeg-based company that is committed to using natural mould-killing methods that are completely effective and not harmful to your wellbeing. Our clients include nursing homes, schools, day cares, and government buildings. We've successfully treated grow-ops, commercial buildings, apartments, and, of course, thousands of residential homes in nearly two decades of operation. Our product is completely effective and safe for you, your family, your pets, your plants, and the environment. We developed this proprietary biodegradable, sustainable and biologically sourced product, to ensure that our clients, our technicians and our ecosystem aren't exposed to harmful chemicals. It is 100% effective on mould and we guarantee it! We specialize in mould, and we know the environments and conditions that cause it. We can identify mould, locate its source and remediate the issue.






421 St Marys Road


(204) 416-6500

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